We are so excited to introduce Claudia Martin, our first writer for the Rainbow Living family. Claudia will be contributing through posts on all areas of health. Claudia's love of a balanced, healthy lifestyle is obvious, we can wait to learn about things such as DIY almond milk and essential oils. Keep an eye out for her first Rainbow Living post.

Photo by Jac from jacandheath.com

Photo by Jac from jacandheath.com

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I live by the beach with my little family. I’m a new mum to a 5-month-old baby girl, Eve Indigo - who I am completely besotted with.

My days are filled are with looking after Eve, cooking and being surrounded by a beautiful group of friends and family. I have a real passion for healthy and simple living (that has increased ten fold since bringing a little human into the world). I studied Communications and worked in Marketing and Public Relations for 6 years, but a year ago I began my studies in holistic nutrition.

Have you always felt this way about health?

Short answer? Hell no! I grew up in quite a health conscious, vegetarian family but in my teens I rebelled and became addicted to cheeseburgers and couldn’t care less about the food I was eating. I was lucky enough to always enjoy nourishing meals that my mum prepared, so it never got completely out of hand. I remember caring about the food I was eating for a millisecond, but only so I could still fit into my hipster jeans. 

I actually continued this way for quite a while, but after a very self-indulgent trip to New York a few years ago, I decided that something had to change. I had spent 3 weeks indulging in cheese pizzas, designer shoes and anything my egocentric heart desired. Whilst it was one of the best trips of my life, I left feeling like I needed more and committed to living a healthy lifestyle. It has been a journey ever since!

What are the main wellness ‘rules’ that you try to live by?

I feel my best when I eat a plant-based diet, where vegetables are the main act at every meal.  I avoid dairy, meat, sugar and white flours in my everyday home life. I also avoid all chemicals on my body, on my baby, in my house and on my food. I usually have a green smoothie or juice everyday day and I eat as seasonally and locally as I possibly can (thanks to Farmers Markets and Food Co-Ops). I find that this type of eating is my base and on weekends & holidays I always allow for some indulgences (hello, who can resist a Sunday cafe breakfast without haloumi!?). And exercise, I definitely need to get out and move my body in some way everyday to function at my best.

Have you learnt any lessons along the way?

Many. I’m that person who commits to something wholeheartedly and does it obsessively (also becomes a tad evangelical about it – can’t help myself!) and then has to step back and find a balance with what is realistic. I’m a bit of a book nerd, so I’m forever reading everything I can about health, and I love learning from other passionate and likeminded people – therefore, my knowledge and opinions are forever evolving. I also avoid diet labels now (vegan, paleo etc.), and just prefer to eat in a plant based, whole foods way. My body is a temple, and that’s the age-old philosophy I try to live by.

Excited about this ROAR venture and sharing my love of healthy living with you. 

Claudia xxxxxxxx

Claudia with her beautiful baby Eve. Photo by Jac from jacandheath.com

Claudia with her beautiful baby Eve. Photo by Jac from jacandheath.com

The Photography was done by our good friend Jac. Please check out their amazing website by clicking on the link below.