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Dusty Boots: ROAR EP Music Project

Since it was founded, Rebel on a Rainbow has been promoting the creative lifeblood of communities we come into contact with through vanlife and networking. This has involved sharing inspirational stories on photography, art, design, starting a business, surf culture, travel, alternative lifestyles, filmmaking and music. We also love collaborating with like minded people on creative projects that are designed to build community (Such as the Music & Arts event 'Vibes on the Green' with Munjang Adventures and Greater Toukley Vision). 


Music has been a significant part of my life and I have been fortunate enough to get to travel and play music with some very talented friends. I made a goal to finish writing five original and independent songs on our vanlife trip from the East Coast of Australia to the West Coast. It took two months of camping, surfing, hiking, playing my acoustic guitar by the ocean and camp fire to finish the project. All the songs have been inspired by nature, travel, the ocean and relationships.

I then sought out my friend James Leonard  who has a recording studio at Avoca, Central Coast. We spent another couple of months fine tuning the structure, creative direction and what sound we wanted to get from each song. It was such a great creative process, being able to get some of my favourite musicians to come into the studio and listen to the songs and add their talents to take the songs to another level. This project has been a collaborative process of friends and family experimenting together to make something memorable and worth sharing. We titled the EP 'Rebel on a Rainbow' as it encapsulates creativity, sharing and enjoying the beauty and special gift that life is.  

Mixing and mastering of the album is getting done over the next month and then we will start to release one song a month online. Each song is a story and involves a certain theme. We will release a little background writeup of each song and the artists that were involved.   

We look forward to sharing this project with you while on our next adventure, as we travel across the United States of America exploring some of their most famous National Parks and coastlines. I endeavour to take a notebook and write more music along the adventure. I have provided a 'Dusty Boots' facebook link below which will advertise when and where the music is available. Thanks for your support.

It was such a privelegde to work with my cousin Amy Hanna in regards to drums and percussion and theming each song to suit the story we were trying to portray.   

Messing about in the Gawler Ranges, South Australia.

Callan Gates adding some musical genius to the project.

We recorded drums and bass at Spinlight Studios in Newcastle. Rhys Zacher is so good at mixing and recording drums. Jarrod Gibson laid down some bass lines for a few of the songs.

James Leonard is the creative director behind this EP project, making it into a piece of art that we are happy with and excited to share.

We found this ranch in the outback of South Australia. I had a lot of fun pretending to be a cowboy.

Whenever I need bass inspiration Jarrod Gibson is the man I look to.

Callen Miner and Amy exchanged the bongo for some percussion in the chorus in 'Susie May'

Jimmy adding some banjo while his little puppy 'bear' rests peacefully behind him.

So stoked to have Jerrad Kew add some violin to 'Rebel on a Rainbow'

This was such a fun moment in the recording process. James, Donna, Amy and I providing some mini choir sounds.

Matty Jeffs is a musical prodigy when it comes to anything keys. We were fortunate to have him offer his talents to the project.

My friend Jamie Leven providing some beautiful harmonies and ideas.

My favourite guitarist Daniel March adding some beautiful notes to 'Walkin Man' and 'By The Ocean'.

Nicole 'Noc' offering some angelic harmonies.   

Living out of a van for two months provided so many opportunities to be peaceful and gain inspiration from natural surroundings.

Luke Mcleod from 'Got Soul' offering some soulful licks.

A special moment in the studio when Josh 'Booty' added some notes to 'Susie May'.

This memory of standing above the Great Australian Bight will stick with me forever.