Vanlife has it's elements of freedom. Waking up to different locations whether it is a beautiful coastline/mountain lookout/or a smelly service station car park haha, being able to up and drive off at the drop of a hat is quite special. Also having most things you need at an arms length is a bonus. People often say to us "you guys are living the dream" or "your life looks so amazing". 

Many times we do feel like we are living a version of our dream life considering what the alternative options are in our society. We feel blessed to live in a country such as Australia that we can have a choice in the lifestyle we want to live. We know that in many countries 'you get what your given' so we try not to take this for granted and appreciate how lucky we are. 

Soooo, is it always rainbows?!?! We never thought that Vanlife would be the magical change that makes for a perfect life. There are days where it all gets too much. If you aren't organised with your things, life in a mobile rectangle can get pretty cluttered. Usually my fault (Jonny) haha. Jess is the organised one and has the 'tiny space design' under control. It has been refreshing down sizing over the last few years however we still can't fit all my music gear in the van so it's a work in progress. Sometimes finding a decent washing machine which actually cleans your clothes and doesn't destroy them can be difficult (I know, first world problems).

We started rebel on a rainbow as an alternative lifestyle experiment at the end of 2012 because normal life with a full time job 9-5 in the one town wasn't doing it for us anymore. Focused on increasing wealth and a property portfolio was draining me and I didn't feel the happiness or passion that I felt I was craving. We sold our home (which had made a bit of money thanks to Jess's spotting for a winner!) and an investment (which hadn't made any money) and got on the road. We are now addicted to exploring new places and struggle to remain doing the same thing in the same place for long periods as we are usually dreaming of our next adventure. This can make it difficult to earn consistent dollars to finance the fun. But we are passionate about communities that we come into contact with and sharing the amazing and talented/creative people we meet along the way. This has grown into The ROAR Network which is growing every week.

We have been lucky this year doing some house sitting in the amazing Blue Mountains which is like a nature/health/music retreat and yes we still fit in work to keep some food on the table. It also give us a break when the van is starting to feel too tight a space to live out of.

This years experiment for us is to go a whole year without paying rent. Obviously we have some accomodation costs when we need to stay at caravan parks here and there but on the whole that is the plan. 

Our plan is to get more real with our blog section of the website and not only share the fun and amazing adventures but also share some of the real struggles that we have. Thanks for always supporting our ROAR Network and ROAR Adventures which have been such a rad add on to the website. It's becoming such an amazing community where we can encourage, support and give each other tips to make the most of our lives and follow our passions!