Wollemi National Park is only a few hours away from Sydney, but its wild and rugged landscape makes you feel days away from any city. With its 488,620 hectares of wilderness its hard to choose where to go. Our favourite spot to head is within the Wolgan Valley in a town called Newnes at a campground called Little Capertee. And its not really a town just one building, a pub slash museum slash accommodation, but definitely worth a look.

Little Capertee campground, which lays on the Wolgan River, is nothing short of amazing. As you drive in, a large grassy space opens up before you. This area is surrounded by sandstone cliffs that create a natural rock amphitheatre. You feel dwarfed by these majestic mountains, it really is such a unique place to camp. To explore the surrounding area there are several walks to choose from, some of which will take you to the top of a mountain, through ruins or into a glow worm tunnel, which we still have to explore. It is the perfect weekend get away and the best part, it's free!

We spent a couple of nights in the van, but decided we wanted to dive deeper into the wilderness. So we left our car behind and hit the trail. We followed the Wolgan river North, further into the heart of Wollemi. It is always an amazing feeling to carry what you need to survive on your back and walk to a place that cars can not reach. You feel totally free.

A section of this hike winds through the ruins from the historic shale oil factory from 1911. You can still see the ovens and tunnels that would have been used back then. It is amazing to picture all the workers as you walk through the site. These ruins really give you an insight into the past, it was a very cool experience. The whole time in Wollemi, was a very cool experience. Get there!