Today we drove to the end of Kosciuszko Road to reach the trail head of the Main Range track. This amazing hike takes you through a stunning alpine setting where you will see snow capped peaks, rivers, wildlife, alpine lakes, rainbow gum trees, wildflowers in summer and breathe in some of that fresh mountain air. 

It is a magical place that can get very crowed in the summer months but today we had it to ourselves, although this seems to happen to us often it is not by accident. The purpose of escaping to nature is to truly disconnect, we try to time our visits to popular places out of season, so we can avoid the crowds. Don't get us wrong, we love seeing other people enjoying nature and its always nice to stop and chat with someone on the trail, but there is something truly amazing about walking for hours through a mountain range and not seeing a single person. It somehow rejuvenates the soul, puts things into perspective, lets you think about life and if your truly living a purpose filled one. There's no where to hide your thoughts out here, no Facebook to distract you, no TV to tune out to, no work to bury yourself in, you are free to think for yourself and work out what makes you truly happy? Deep, we know but it is something we try to do regularly so that we keep making changes to keep living a purpose filled life. 

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