This is a little spot we found up in the hills of the town of Dorrigo in NSW, Australia. Meal time is such a special part of VanLife. If we are not pressed for time and the weather is fine we try to find a spot away from crowds to set up our outdoor kitchen. A spot that overlooks nature, where we can just sit and take it all in. It is a time to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, put our phones away and have some good conversation. We are always talking about life and if we are truly doing what makes us happy. We think it is important to constantly reassess where you are at and if you are on the right path, because before you know it years have flown by and you're like 'how did I get here'. We chat about our goals, places we want to visit, breaks we want to surf and mountains we want to climb. We talk about our jobs and if there is anything thing else we would like to try. We talk about the podcast we just listened to on being grateful and how important that is. We talk about things in our past that have made us who we are today and how at times you think 'this is the worst' but it turns out to be a valuable lesson. We just talk about anything, listen to everything and munch on some yummy food.