When we bought our first van, a Mercedes Vito (the van that is in all our pictures up until now) we had no idea how much it would impact our life. Back then we needed a bigger car to fit all our gear in and have a bed for the occasional camping trip. After our first getaway in the Vito, we were hooked. The freedom we had while travelling in a van was too good. We could go anywhere, anytime and it felt amazing. Over time we fitted out our Vito as best we could but we were always crammed in. So we started saving for a Mercedes Sprinter and every time we passed one on the road, looked on in envy. O the fun we were going to have decking that monster out haha! Finally the day came when a spontaneous trip to Nelson Bay paid off. We passed a Sprinter that was everything we wanted for sale on the side of the road and the rest is history. It was sad to part with our Vito as she held so many amazing memories but we are so excited for the adventures to come in our new home.

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