Have you ever driven past a sign to a place and always wondered what was out there. We have driven past the sign for Central Tilba many times but never turned off. So this time we decided to take the road and see what this little town was like. 

We love small rural towns, they have character, unique architecture, friendly locals and are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It seems the bigger the town the more it loses this, they tend to be industrial and full of chain stores. We feel more relaxed roaming around these little towns, seeing that a lot of what is for sale is locally made and grown products. There is something very cool about sitting down for a plate of food knowing the veggies are from a garden in that valley or that the wood carvings are made by a guy in a shack up the hill. Central Tilba was a delight to visit and we will definitely be back for some of that yummy locally grown food.

If you visit make sure you take the time to walk to the water tank look out, it's just up the hill from the main street. You can see the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. A beautiful spot to sit and relax.