Camp Cobark is an amazing farm surrounded by mountains that lays west of Gloucester, NSW, Australia. We drove passed this amazing land while on our way out the Barrington Tops and because of how beautiful it was, decided on the spot to spend a couple of nights there. Part of the experience of staying at Camp Cobark is that you are literally camping in the paddocks with the horses and cows. They roam freely around your tent or van and will not pass up being petted if your calm around them. We couldn't get enough of these beautiful animals and won't forget what it was like waking up each morning surrounded by them.

It was such a relaxing couple of days staying on the water, our site named 'slippery dip' because of the slide like rapids on our part of the river. We spent hours laying in the rapids and the fresh water pools, it was nice to just tune out and be in nature. I think we have definitely found ourselves a new favourite farm getaway.