Yosemite has been amazing! From the moment you drive in, you cant help but be in awe. This national park is the most majestic we have visited, truly a place of beauty. Its hard to describe the feeling we get when we visit a place like this, its a child like excitement and wonder mixed with extreme joy. Nothing keeps our spirt alive more than discovering and exploring a new place, something about the experience just brings out the best in us. 

We drove into Yosemite via the Eastern Tioga Pass Entrance, which takes you through an amazing mountain range and alpine lakes. From Tioga Pass we made our way through the park to Yosemite Village to find our camp for the night. We could have spent days driving in on this road, stopping and exploring the whole way in. There are so many valleys and peaks to explore, after spending some time walking around some of the crystal clear lakes, we climbed to the top of one rock, which rewarded us with the most magical view of the park. 

That night we scored a great site right on the edge campground, giving us a lovely view of the forest. This park is in bear territory so it is important to keep any food or scented stuff in the bear lockers. As we unloaded our gear and set up for dinner we joked about the bears and thought its probably all hype to scare the tourists. Five minutes later we sat down for dinner and about 20m away in the trees something caught our eye. A black bear! We both turned and watched this magical creature walk past us. It was a surreal moment as it was the first time either of us had seen a wild bear. Thank goodness he wasn't interested in our vegetable stew, or us for that matter. 

The next morning we set out ready for a day of exploring and stairs... 600 stairs! For some reason we thought it would be fun to spend hours walking up many, many stairs. It was fun, until we couldn't stop our legs from shaking and had to rest every few steps haha good times. But every rest was a good opportunity to take in the amazing views around us. Our hike took us to the top of Vernal Falls and just past that, Emerald Pool, where we sat for a very long time before we dared tackle the 600 stair decent. What an amazing spot to rest up, have our lunch and watch some squirrels, definitely worth it.   

Before leaving Yosemite we took the morning to walk around the valley. What an amazing experience to gaze up at the towering El Capitan and half dome, some of the most famous rocks to climb. A drive up to Glacier Point is also a must, you get the most spectacular and different view of the valley. You can really see how the glacier forged its way through, to form this amazing place. It was hard to leave Yosemite, we could have stayed for another week, there is just so much to see and do here. But what an amazing few days we had, we are so happy that we made it here and got to experience this magical part of the world.