As we were driving through the scenic hills of Adelaide we noticed a sign, 'Hahndorf, Historic Village'. We were instantly intrigued and excited to explore Australia's oldest living German settlement. After driving through very 'Australian' roads and landscapes we turned off the freeway into a very 'European' quaint village with old and beautiful trees lining the main street. We quickly found a park and literally jumped out of the van ready to explore the many different craft, fashion, souvenir and authentic German shops. Wineries and cheese shops offer tastings, which we loved. Getting to try German inspired products was such a highlight. We love trying foods from overseas and giving our taste buds a new experience. Another special moment was finding a unique organic cafe that used seasonal and local products supporting farmers in the region (This cafe will be a 'Rebel Road Test' featured on our site very soon!).  

Throughout our whole six week van trip across Australia, from Sydney to Perth, we didn't find any other town or village quite like Hahndorf. It is definitely worth the time to stop and enjoy the sights and atmosphere of the place.