Fishery Bay in South Australia was a magical find, such a beautiful place to call home for the night. Framping (free camping) is such a great way to keep the cost down on your holiday. Most of the time we prefer Framping to staying in caravan parks as more often than not framping sites are less crowded, beautiful, quieter and closer to nature... Fishery bay is the perfect example of such a place. (To find more framping sites in Australia, click on the 'Framping' tab just after the last photo in this post)

We found a great spot, high on the peninsular overlooking the ocean to set up camp. After some surfers and their dog left, we had the place to ourselves. We cooked up some yummy mexican wraps and watched as dusk turned to night and a full moon came out to keep us company. We stayed up late just chatting and star gazing, you didn't even need a torch it was so bright.

In places like this, when your phone is out of range and with no tv, you are reminded of the simple pleasures in life. Of how a simple conversation can bring so much joy. It's moments like this that we feel the most connected and inspired, we are reminded of what's important and how thankful we are for our life and each other. Sometimes you need to get yourself out of range of technology to connect with each other again. We are more than guilty of getting hooked on tv shows, staying up till two in the morning to watch 'just one more'. Technology has taken over the way people connect and as much as it can be annoying to see 'SOS only' on your phone or not be able to watch your favourite tv shows, embrace getting into the outdoors with the ones you love and roll with some sweet conversationing.    


Jonny losing a stair race with our new friend.