On our travels we love to start the day by finding a beautiful spot to have breakfast. We usually try to find some water, like a lake or river to set up near. So when we saw a sign for Lake King we thought we'd give it a go, sounded like a winner. Funny how wrong some names are to describe an area. Turned out the drought had got the better of Lake King and we ended up having breakfast over looking what felt like a desert in the middle of nowhere. But turns out we don't mind hanging out in the desert. We actually love it. It was so cool to look around and see no one or nothing for miles. You feel a real sense of freedom when your surrounded by so little. Its almost like nothings distracting you, no people, places or phone service, just peacefulness. We were looking for a beautiful lake but found a new experience.

Its funny how you don't know what your looking for until your forced into that situation. We can get so stuck in our ways, so comfortable with how things are that we struggle with change. But if you don't try something new how will you know if you like it, you could be missing out. When we are living in the van we are always forced into new situations, forced to try something different and it has had a positive impact. When you are open to change, when you welcome it, it can open up a whole new world of experiences. It makes you want to make the most of your situation, instead of being upset that things didn't go your way. You could be searching for a beautiful lake but life serves you a desert, and who knows, you might just love it.