We have left the vanlife for a couple of weeks to set off on an adventure overseas in Bali and Lombok. We love coming here for the amazing food, friendly locals and point break surf, we always leave with amazing memories. As soon as we stepped off the plane in Bali we were greeted by the smell of incense, smiling locals and crazy humidity. After arriving at our hotel, we changed into board shorts and bikinis and headed out to explore. Our first stop was catching up with a few locals who we love and stay in contact with, Agus and John from the tattoo shop, Nana our cheeky laundry lady and Rio from the surf shop. We love talking to locals, it's one of the best ways to get a true understanding of the culture and they always have the best tips for surfing and good food. After a morning of walking around the markets we were ready for a refreshing drink and some tasty food. Even though we have been to Bali several times we love finding new places to eat so we Googled bars on the beach in Seminyak. We saw an amazing picture of a rainbow cafe and we knew we had to check it out! We couldn't find an address or name so we got a driver to drop us off at Seminyak, hoping to find it. We walked along the beach until the most colourful shack you have ever seen caught our eye. We had found it, La Plancha! It was absolutely beautiful, it's amazing how fresh colourful paint can make you feel so happy. We had some beautiful juices and delicious tapas, perfectly relaxing. We left with a smile on our face and a beat in our step.