When your on a road trip you really escape reality.  You forget what day it is, you never know the time, your phone runs out of battery, you realise you haven't talked to friends and family in ages and you go without internet for days at campgrounds that are located in those black holes.  It is actually a nice feeling to be without the stress of day to day living and just kick back and chill.  To be free to go where the day takes you.  Until you get brought back to reality with a little mistake.  One little slip can bring you back so fast it actually hurts a little. 

This happened to us while swimming near Kangaroo Valley.  Our van is started by an electric key, which is fun and all until you take your key for a swim.  You see electric keys and water are not friends, they don't play nice, in fact water destroys key every time.  So after accidentally having the key in one of our pockets, lets not name names shall we hehe, our trip was brought to a halt and we had to deal with the situation.  We had to organise a tow truck to pick us up and take us to the Mercedes dealer in Wollongong.  With no keys kept on site they had to order a new one from Melbourne, which put us in a bit of squeeze as they could not tell us exactly how long the key would take to arrive.  A couple of days later our key was delivered, it then had to be configured to our car, oh and our tire had gone flat so we had to get a new rim and tire put on.  We love Wollongong but we like to do things on our own terms.  But this is one of those situations you can be all glass half empty or glass half full.  So we made the most of our time. We caught up a friend, went to new restaurants, swam in new creeks, meet new people (nearly died in 45 degree heat) and found new surf breaks.  It turned out to be a super fun part of our adventure, what a beautiful place to be stuck in... Three days, 1500 dollars and a big reality check later, we got rainbow back and continued our journey.