Boulder, Colorado has some famous rock formations called Flatirons, which sit just on the edge of town. There are five striking formations that shoot sky high. Hiking up them will take your breath away... literally! Coming from a town in Australia that sits at sea level we are not accustomed to the elevation of the town of Boulder plus the extra elevation of hiking straight up a Flatiron. With the 1st Flatiron trailhead sitting at 5,710 feet and a climb of 1,422 feet to reach the 7,132 foot summit, hiking 100 metres feels like you've run a marathon. It is amazing how out of breath you become, but with lot's of places to stop and look out on gorgeous views, we didn't mind stopping often to catch our breath. Once you reach the top you can't help but sit down and take it all in. With an outlook over Boulder on one side and a view of the other Flatirons on the other it was so peaceful to rest and take it all in.

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