It is extremely unfortunate timing that the US government has closed all 401 of their National Parks. We were hoping to get to some lookouts, craters, waterfalls and hikes, which are in National Parks on Maui. As disappointing as it is we decided to make our own adventure, so while driving towards the town of Hana we found this amazing volcanic ravine. We pulled over and just stated walking up it. It took us on an epic journey, we felt like we were in an old western film about to be attacked by indians from the cliffs above. As we left the road and got deeper into the ravine we spotted some goats, which seemed to be trying to get away from us. Before we knew there must have been 50 or 60 goats surrounding us, running along the rock walls trying to get away from us. Our guess is people don't get up here often. It was a very different experience and something we might not have found if the government didn't close the parks. Although we were angry at first it really does pay to roll with changes and make the most of your day. 


Spot the goats.